Park Lane Academy

‘We aspire to be the best at everything we do’

Special Educational Needs

The Learning Support team at Park Lane comprises of:

9 Teaching assistants (a combination of full and part time)

As a team we aim to provide the majority of support in class for students and actively promote independent working and thinking.

However, throughout Key stage 3 there are occasions when we withdraw students to provide discrete intervention to address particular areas of need. For example;

Extra literacy sessions following the SRA reading programme (small group)
Social skills via the KS3 Nurture programme (small group)
1:1 social stories
1:1 organisation and reflection sessions

If a student has a Statement of Special Educational need or an Educational Health Care plan then it is possible to personalise their learning and timetable even further still.

Key Stage 4 students with Special Educational Needs are personally guided when selecting their KS4 options choices, with all stakeholders involved in the process.  Consideration is given to which subjects and courses will best suit their learning style, skills, personal strengths and plans for the future.


‘STAR’ – Learning Support Unit

In addition to the above provision we have a Learning Support Unit which we call ‘STAR’.

It is designed to meet the needs of students who may have a number of challenges to their learning. The aim is to support these students and help them remain engaged in education for as long as possible and succeed. These students will spend differing amounts of time in STAR depending upon their level of need.

The Purpose of STAR

•    To improve inclusion by supporting the most vulnerable students at times when they would otherwise be failing to learn.

•    To target intervention for groups of students with specific behavioural and emotional problems through a series of programmes designed to remove barriers to learning, re-engage them and support their families.

•    To provide a flexible provision for students who are having specific difficulties in particular circumstances/subject areas.

•    To reduce permanent and fixed term exclusions.

•    To serve as a base for the reintegration of students who have poor attendance or who are returning from exclusion.

•    To serve as a base for students who transfer mid school year, where they can be assessed and gradually integrated into mainstream lessons.