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Welcome to the Parents' page of our website.  You will find lots of useful practical information about Park Lane Learning Trust, for example, term dates, school day times, the cashless lunch system and uniform information.

We have high expectations of our students, as we believe this will equip them well for life after school, and ask for your support in ensuring that standards in uniform, equipment, attendance and behaviour are maintained at all times.

All parents are invited to each Parent Council meeting which are held every half term. These meetings give the opportunity for parents to share their ideas for the school – these are fed back to the Senior Leadership Team to discuss and where possible, ideas are implemented.

Please join our Parent Council, we are a friendly group who meet to discuss and forward any suggestions you have.  There is also a focus for each meeting such as: Keeping your child safe online, attendance and punctuality, information about the curriculum and what your child will be learning and how to spot and support with mental health issues.  This year we will be meeting on the following dates:




Tuesday 11 October


Park Lane

Thursday 17 November

6 -7pm

Orange Box  

1 Blackledge, HX1 1AF (Next to the Piece Hall)

Monday 30 January


Park Lane

Thursday 23 March


Illingworth Fire Station

Keighley Rd, Illingworth, HX2 9LL

Monday 15 May

5.30 – 6.30pm

Park Lane


In the last academic year, the following items were raised by the Parent Council and acted on by the school.

Parent Council suggested...

The School response was...

Staff to note down low level incidents that would not normally be logged onto the behaviour records but may be an indicator of an on-going issue.

Staff make a note in a students’ planner to indicate that they have had to speak to a student about low level behaviour issues. This will enable an overall picture to begin to build up with repeat incidents.

Use of the texting service to improve communication.

Texting is now commonly used to contact parents including student absence, notification of upcoming events and cancellation/changes to sporting fixtures.

A Park Lane Facebook and Twitter page to help improve communication.

Twitter and Facebook pages have been created and are used on a daily basis to inform followers of events, activities and important information.

My child’s homework timetable should be sent home so that they can monitor the amount of homework they are receiving.

A copy of every child’s homework timetable is sent home with a letter at the beginning of the year. The homework timetables are also available on the school website.

To improve waiting times and fairness to see their child’s teacher at Parents Evenings.

We trialled a different format at the year 11 consultation evening and a similar format will be used again. Teachers were located in classrooms as well as the hall and restaurant, making the event seem less overcrowded and noisy.  This format has been used at all parents evenings following positive feedback from parents.

Clarity of staffing roles within school.

Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Year and Heads of Faculty names are now available on the website.

Increasing the publication of the newsletter – lots of positive stories and events and they would like to hear more!

We are currently looking into producing the newsletter every month to update parents on the exciting activities occurring at PLLT.

More information about OOSH (Extra Curricular) activities.

Further information will be sent out after the Christmas period, including a letter to invite parents to run or support OOSH clubs.

Academic reports need to be clearer – they can be confusing.

The school has made significant changes and improvements to academic reports.


We also consult with parents and gather their views through questionnaires, phone calls and parental engagement sessions both in school and in the community.

Parents and carers are also invited to coffee mornings, open evenings, parental meetings and more traditional parents’ evenings. Further to this we encourage parental representation on our governing body as well as requesting valuable feedback to help our self-evaluation and improvement planning. The views of our parents are extremely important to us and we are keen to build on our excellent relationships.

Our Fair Trade Coffee mornings will be held at Park Lane on:

Year Group



Everyone welcome

Friday 21 October

10 – 11.30am

Year 8

Tuesday 1 November

9 – 10am

Year 7

Tuesday 8 November

10 – 11am

Year 9

Tuesday 24 January

9 – 10am


Please find below the quotes from some of our Parent Council members, if you would like to get involved with any of our parent groups please ring the school on 01422 362215.

“Being part of the parent council gives me a great opportunity to find out what’s going on day to day at the school and to give immediate feedback to the Senior Leadership Team.  I can hear first-hand from the people making decisions and enacting policies and gain more background into why things are being done in a certain way.  Any concerns or suggestions I may want to raise are listened to and discussed in an open and honest way.

From my time on the parent council I feel I’ve gained a much better understanding of the way the school is being run and hopefully been able to contribute in some way.  I always leave the meetings feeling very positive about the school and it’s direction of travel”.

 “As a parent I am very happy with Park Lane as the choice for my daughter, not only is she excelling in her academic studies but since starting there in 2014 her self-confidence and self-belief have improved enormously.   The staff are friendly and approachable and any issues are dealt with swiftly and professionally.  I like the fact that it is a small school as all students are known by name and none slip through the cracks.

 As a member of the Parent Council at Park Lane I find it highly valuable.  You are kept up-to-date with things that are happening and any changes that are being made.  There are presentations from various staff members relating to attendance, exam grading, etc which help parents understand these issues in greater depth.  Suggestions are often asked for as to where we feel things in school can be improved upon and occasionally are then put into practice”.

“If you have seen the previous notes about Parent Council and are still wondering if you should join in - then yes! Please do.  Miss Halliday and invited staff join any parents of  Park Lane students to discuss issues that affect our children.  They listen to our concerns and help us decide how to solve problems to do with school matters we and our own children are impacted by.  Previously we've looked at better use of the texting system and website, the Year 9 Options system, attendance targets and pupil rewards.  So if you want to get across your opinion on the school issues that concern you / your child - this is a great place to come and voice what's working and what could be improved.  There is coffee and biscuits too”!

“I am a parent of a year 7 child who has SEN. All the staff from office, support and teachers are very friendly, approachable and nurturing to all the pupils. Any queries or concerns I have had have always been dealt with promptly. I have attended a parent council meeting and the suggestions I and other parents made were listened to and acted upon so as a parent I really feel listened to and part of the school”.



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