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What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and all of these subjects are already a part of our everyday life whether it’s your hobbies, keeping fit or entertainment.

Why is STEM important?

More and more jobs now require STEM skills. Studying STEM subjects will help our students to develop their creativity, problem-solving and technical skills that are vital to modern society.

STEM subjects are valuable not only because they can lead to exciting, rewarding career options, but also because they help students to be active citizens in an increasingly technological society.

More importantly the UK has an enormous shortage of STEM graduates; the country needs to double the number of graduates (especially girls) in these subjects.

What is STEM Month about?

During STEM month all students will take part in at least one STEM activity and through these activities we aim to:

1. To change the way students think about STEM subjects by raising awareness of the exciting and wide-ranging careers that studying these subjects can lead to.

2. To increase the opportunities for all students to take part in a wide range of activities that use the skills needed in STEM careers.

3. To provide students with a variety of opportunities to engage with STEM employers through visits, talks, and the Careers Conference.

What is happening?



Year group involved (students and staff involved will be notified)

Friday 3rd March

Girls into Engineering Building Challenge

Year 8

Wednesday 8th March

Careers Convention

All year groups except year 7

Thursday 9th March

Developments in Medical Physics talk

Year 8 and 9

Monday 13th – Friday 17th March

British Science Week

All of Key stage 3

Wednesday 15th March

Mission to Mars Challenge

Year 8

Tuesday 21st March

Girls into Engineering Trip to Weir Engineering

Year 9 - 10

Wednesday 22nd March


Year 7

Thursday 23rd March

Navy Talk

Year 10 - 11

Monday 27th March

Cyber security Workshop

Year 9

Wednesday 29th March

Trip to Cummins Engineering

Year 7

Thursday 30th March

Presentation about the importance of a good grade in core subjects if you want a job in STEM

Year 10

Monday 3rd April

‘A job in the real world’ from the National Grid

Year 7